About us

Bringing you the freshest grilled food in Scotland. Our delicious menu pack a flavourful punch whilst paying homage to our authentic roots.

Eniola & Mo

Picture the scene. It’s lunchtime in Lagos, Nigeria. You can see all the “Bukas” (street restaurants) are bustling with activity and expectation of a good time. You can smell the mouth watering spices sizzling on the open flames. The family are all together, it’s noisy but you feel warm, at home, relaxed; you feel content. That’s what family life was like for Eniola & Mo.

The whole family love food and the ritual of coming together. In 2006, Mo & Eniola’s journey brought them to Dundee for their Masters degree programme. Several years later, the opportunity to open up a restaurant that references their childhood memories of food and family gatherings materialised.

The couple put every penny they had into the venture in hope that it would succeed. They formed a team of people who helped to bring this vision to life. Eniola and Mo worked tirelessly for two years refining every recipe until they found the authentic flavour they were striving for. It was the moment they perfected their secret sauce recipe that Gidi Grill was born.Eniola & Mo’s dreams are to share their love of GidiGrill around the globe and they hope they can take you on that journey.

Kichelle & Michael

Kichelle and Michael . . . what a team! After travelling and working all over the world before settling in Scotland, the duo have been setting culinary and hospitality standards for many years now. Kichelle and Michael are a married couple, both from the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

Drawing inspiration from their Caribbean roots, they love experimenting with bold yet subtle flavours. As part of the journey from the start, Michael’s passion in the kitchen and Kichelle’s warm welcome front of house are an integral part of the Gidi Grill family. When they are not busy in the restaurant, they love eating and hanging out with their daughter, fishing and basically enjoying life.

At Gidi Grill, we work together as a family to create memorable dining experiences for you. From the food and drinks we serve to the welcoming service we provide, we aim to put a smile on your face.


Share our values in expressing our love of culture through food and gathering. Join us on a curated journey of cultural discovery and appreciate artistic creations through the vibe, art and food.

Locally Sourced

Gidi Grill is a modern fusion restaurant focused on using fresh and carefully sourced local ingredients from the very best local producers. Our talented chefs recreate the dishes you already love, infused with Gidi’s own unique spice blends. This is then grilled super fresh on our Josper Grills, lovingly served by the team; our family.